On December 15, 1996, at 1030 eastern standard time, a Cessna 150, N66211, flown by a student pilot collided with the runway following a loss of control during the landing flare. The landing was being made on runway 18 at the Clark County Airport, Jeffersonville, Indiana. The airplane was substantially damaged and the pilot was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed. The local flight originated from the Clark County Airport, at 1000 est.

The student pilot was practicing touch and go landings when the accident occurred. The student reported he used less than 40 degrees of flaps on the first four landings which resulted in "higher than normal descent rates due to a premature reduction in airspeed above the runway." According to the student the first four landings were "...hard landings in a nose-high attitude... ." On the fifth landing the student used 40 degrees of flaps and "...bled airspeed off enough to stall the airplane approximately 20 feet above the runway." A witness reported the airplane stalled at an altitude of approximately 50 feet above the runway.

The airplane impacted with runway and slid approximately 50 feet prior to coming to a stop 2,000 feet from the approach end of the runway.

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