On November 27, 1996, at 1003 hours Pacific standard time, a Cessna 172G, N5854R, was blown over by high winds while taxiing from landing at the Chino Airport, Chino, California. The aircraft was owned and operated by the pilot and was on a personal flight. No flight plan was filed. The aircraft incurred substantial damage. The private pilot, the sole occupant, was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The flight originated from Corona, California, Municipal Airport at 0930.

Prior to landing, the pilot was advised by the Chino Air Traffic Control Tower that the winds were from 060 at 30 knots, with higher gusts to 40 knots. He then landed on runway 8, turned left onto the perpendicular taxiway B, and began to taxi northbound to parking. In his written report, the pilot stated that after he contacted Chino ground he told them he was ". . . having trouble; ground aske[d] if I needed help, I said NO, 10 seconds later I was upside down."

Based on the tower reported winds at the time, the computed aircraft crosswind component during the attempted taxi was 28 knots steady state with gusts to 38 knots. According to Cessna Aircraft, the maximum demonstrated crosswind capability of the aircraft is 17 knots.

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