On September 18, 1996, at 1745 central daylight time, an Airbus AE-340-300, German Registration DAIGK, encountered turbulence near San Antonio, Texas, while en route to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. A total of 8 passengers received minor injuries. Of the injured, 1 adult and 3 infants were sent to the hospital, treated and released. The remaining injured passengers were treated by paramedics at the airport. The 3 infant children were "lap children," ages 3,5 and 16 months respectively. The aircraft was being operated by Lufthansa Airlines as Flight DLH 437, under Title 14 CFR Part 129. The flight originated from the Houston Intercontinental Airport at 1653 and encountered the turbulence approximately 52 minutes after takeoff.

The captain reported during an interview conducted by an FAA inspector that, approximately 30 minutes after takeoff, while in cruise flight at FL280, the aircraft's airborne weather radar indicated a possible area of turbulence ahead. The captain turned on the seat belt sign. When the flight was 20 nautical miles north of Three Rivers, Texas (THX), the captain made an announcement over the public address (PA) system for the cabin attendants to take their seats. The flight encountered "strong" turbulence, 30 nautical miles north of San Antonio, Texas, near HENLY intersection. The captain did not notify ARTCC of any injuries until he was executing the Acton 4 arrival procedure at DFW airport, approximately 30 miles south of Acton, Texas, at approximately 1810.

A severe turbulence inspection was performed by Lufthansa maintenance personnel at the DFW Airport. No structural damage was found; however, a cracked overhead plastic light track was found in the main cabin area. The aircraft departed DFW Airport at approximately 2100 for the return leg to Frankfurt, Germany.

Attempts made to obtain a pilot operator report were not successful.

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