On July 2, 1996, at 1515 hours Pacific daylight time, a Beech 95-B55, N386T, collided with a runway perimeter fence following an on-ground loss of control during landing at Ramona, California. The aircraft was owned and operated by the pilot and was on a personal local area flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and included calm wind conditions. No flight plan was filed for the operation. The aircraft was substantially damaged. The certificated commercial pilot, the sole occupant, sustained minor injuries. The flight originated at Ramona on the day of the accident at 1345.

In his written statement, the pilot said he was landing on runway 27 when the aircraft began to veer left off the runway immediately after the nose wheel touched down. He reported that he attempted to push the right rudder pedal and use right brake, however, the rudder pedal would not move. The pilot was unable to correct the drift and the aircraft left the runway, contacted rocks, collapsed the landing gear, and collided with a fence.

FAA airworthiness inspectors examined the aircraft the day following the accident. They reported that complete control continuity was established throughout the aircraft. No anomalies were found with the landing gear, brakes, or tires.

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