On July 6, 1996 at approximately 2300 eastern daylight time (EDT) a Hughes 269B, N10TP, collided with a utility line and the ground during a forced landing two miles southeast of Tampa International Airport. The pilot and one crew member both received serious injuries. The public use helicopter was being operated under the provisions of Title 14 CFR Part 91 by the pilot. Visual meteorological weather conditions existed at the time of the accident. The flight departed Tampa International Airport in Tampa Florida, at 2245.

Ten minutes into the flight, the pilot noticed a loss of engine oil pressure and a high engine oil temperature. The engine lost power, and the pilot entered an autorotation for a forced landing. During the autorotation the helicopter collided with high tension wires and fell to the ground.

The examination of the helicopter disclosed that the engine oil pressure screen housing was loose. The oil pressure screen housing hardware was still in place, but absent of torque. The Director of Aircraft Maintenance for the City Of Tampa Police Department stated that, on July 5, 1996, a 50 hour inspection had been completed on the accident helicopter which included an oil change and the removal of the oil pressure screen housing for an inspection. Maintenance personnel noticed that a small puddle of oil on the ramp at the spot where N10TP initiated the departure.

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