On June 5, 1996, about 1000 Alaska daylight time, a wheel equipped Champion 7AC airplane, N83995, sustained substantial damage during an aborted takeoff from an off airport site located approximately 20 miles west of Clear, Alaska. The solo private pilot and his dog were not injured. The local, 14 CFR Part 91 flight operated in visual meteorological conditions without a flight plan.

The pilot reported he was attempting to relocate his airplane to an area adjacent to Totek Lake after previously landing close to a site where he is constructing a cabin. He said that he placed his dog in the airplane's back seat, and had just lifted off the unimproved surface, when the cabin door popped open. The pilot said his dog immediately tried to get out the door, and the dog was partially through the door when the pilot began to abort the takeoff. The pilot stated he was trying to close the door, restrain the dog, and abort the takeoff all at the same time. The airplane touched down and continued to roll off the end of the usable surface into a small depression and bog. The airplane decelerated, and slowly nosed over, damaging the wing and lift struts.

The pilot stated in an interview with the NTSB investigator-in-charge that he was uncertain if the cabin door opened because of the uneven terrain, or because his dog moved the door latch.

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