On May 6, 1996, at 1400 Alaska daylight time, a wheel equipped Cessna 170B airplane, N3193B, registered to and operated by the pilot, crashed after takeoff from a private airstrip located near the Valley Baptist School in Palmer, Alaska. The personal flight, operating under 14 CFR Part 91, was departing the airstrip and the destination was Lake Creek, Alaska. No flight plan was filed and visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The non certificated pilot, the sole occupant, was not injured and the airplane was destroyed by postimpact fire.

During a telephone conversation with the FAA Flight Standards District Office Inspector, who interviewed the pilot, he stated that the pilot had voluntarily surrendered his student pilot certificate on April 19, 1996. There were no endorsements for solo flight or for operations in tailwheel airplanes.

The FAA Inspector stated the pilot indicated he had 750 pounds of groceries on board the airplane. He was transporting the groceries to the store at Lake Creek, whose owners were reimbursing him for the cost of his fuel. The pilot stated he used 2 notches of flap for takeoff because the first notch of flaps did not work. After lift-off he encountered turbulence and the airplane began to settle. He applied the third notch of flaps, the full flap position, and the airplane continued to descend. The airplane crashed in the driveway of a nearby home.

According to the NTSB Form 6120.1/2, the pilot indicated that there is a 150 foot high hill off the end of the airstrip and left of the centerline. As he was climbing out and downwind of the hill, he felt the airplane start to settle. At this point the pilot stated he applied full flaps. After the accident he noticed "dust devils" swirling around the parking ramp at the departure end of the airstrip.

The pilot stated there were no mechanical difficulties with the airplane during the takeoff.

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