On April 12, 1996, at 1245 hours Pacific daylight time, a Rockwell International, 112TCA, N1008R, owned and operated by the pilot, collided with terrain on short final approach to the Independence Airport, Independence, California. The airplane was substantially damaged, and the private pilot was not injured during the business flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan was filed. The flight originated from Bishop, California, at 1230.

According to the pilot, he encountered a downdraft when he was 100 feet above ground level, and 200 feet from the approach end of runway 23. The pilot estimated that the wind was from 230 degrees at 30 knots, with gusts to 40 knots.

The pilot reported that, to arrest the sink, he applied full throttle and reduced the flap setting from 25 degrees to 20 degrees. However, the airplane was close to the ground and impact occurred before he could stop the descent. The airplane impacted a fence prior to coming to rest about 180 feet short of the runway. No mechanical malfunctions were reported.

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