On April 24, 1996, at 1400 central daylight time (cdt), a Beech 35, N680V, piloted by a private pilot, was substantially damaged when it collided with terrain, shortly after takeoff. The pilot was attempting to takeoff from the private airpark on runway 18. N680V came to rest in a residential construction area approximately 700 feet south, and 150 feet east from the end of runway 18. The pilot sustained serious injuries in the accident. Visual meteorological conditions existed at the time of the 14 CFR Part 91 flight, and no flight plan was filed.

An inspection of the accident site by the investigator in charge (IIC) revealed the following. The airplane wreckage path followed a heading of approximately 150 degrees. The first ground scar mark was blue paint similar to the color on the bottom of the left tip tank. The next ground scars were two marks through the grass which appeared to be the same width as the main landing gear on the airplane. Grass was found in one brake calliper on the airplane's wheels. A skid mark was on the taxiway approximately 50 feet from where the airplane came to rest in the foundation of a hangar, which was under construction.

A review of the flight controls revealed no abnormalities with the elevator or rudder. The right wing was separated from the airplane, and the aileron control system was damaged. The propeller blades were curled with leading edge damage, and were broken loose in the propeller hub. The nose gear had collapsed on the airplane. An inspection under the cowling of the aircraft revealed no abnormalities, with any engine component or system.

A witness to the accident said the airplane became airborne in approximately 500 to 600 feet. The witness said the pilot never had control of the airplane. The witness reported that the airplane stalled and the left wing hit the ground. The witness wrote "the engine was running well at full power until impact".

The pilot was interviewed in person by the IIC on April 2, 1996. The pilot reported that he thought full right rudder travel was not available on N680V. The pilot said that the airplane was airborne in approximately 100 feet. The pilot stated that even with full right aileron, and full right rudder applied the airplane continued to drift to the left.

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