On March 3, 1996, about 0945 eastern standard time, a Helio Aircraft H-295, N68883, experienced an in-flight loss of control shortly after takeoff from the Key West International Airport, Key West, Florida. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and a VFR flight plan was filed for the 14 CFR Part 91 personal flight. The airplane was substantially damaged and the private-rated pilot, the sole occupant, was not injured. The flight was originating at the time of the accident.

The pilot stated that after the airplane became airborne, a strong gust of wind from the left caused the airplane to roll to the right. The right wing tip then contacted the runway followed by the left wing tip. The airplane pivoted twice on the left wing tip and the pilot reduced the throttle after rolling to a wings level attitude. The airplane came to rest on a taxiway.

A weather observation taken about 11 minutes after the accident indicates that the wind was from 030 degrees at 13 knots with gusts to 21 knots.

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