On December 27, 1995, about 1200 Alaska standard time, a wheel equipped Cessna 337G airplane, N990LB, sustained substantial damage while landing at Stevens Village Airstrip, Stevens Village, Alaska. The airplane is owned and operated by the Lutheran Association of Missionaries. The commercial certificated pilot and the one passenger aboard were not injured. Visual meteorological conditions existed in the vicinity of the accident site, and a VFR flight was filed. The business flight departed Fairbanks, Alaska, about 1100.

The pilot reported to an NTSB investigator on December 28 that he is a Lutheran Minister and was on a business flight to Stevens Village. He said the sky was obscured, and visibility was approximately one and one-half mile in falling snow. He said that he had some ice on the airplane's wings and windshield, and while landing at Stevens Village, he touched down on the extreme left edge of runway 25. The airplane's left main landing gear subsequently went off the left edge of the runway, and encountered deeper snow, which pulled the airplane further to the left. The pilot was unable to return the airplane to the runway, and the airplane went into a ditch, striking the left wing on the ground. The nose gear was also sheared off, and the belly cargo pod was torn from the fuselage.

The pilot said there were no preimpact mechanical anomalies with the airplane.

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