A Cessna T310R, N37267, registered to Pacific Air Charter, Inc., was stolen from the ramp at Montgomery Field, San Diego, California, on the evening of November 25, or the early morning hours of November 26, 1995. The aircraft was subsequently found crashed under unknown circumstances 45 miles east-southeast of Tijuana, Baja California Norte, Mexico on November 27th. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The aircraft sustained substantial damage; however, the number of occupants and degree of injury, if any, is unknown. The aircraft location was identified as latitude N 32 degrees 14.14 minutes and longitude W 116 degrees 96.98 minutes.

On the morning of November 27, 1995, the Direction General de Aeronautic Civil reported that the Tijuana tower had been receiving an emergency locator transmitter (ELT) signal since the evening of November 26, 1995. An American pilot, who had stopped in Tijuana to refuel, volunteered to look for the aircraft. He located the aircraft 45 DME from the Tijuana VOR on the 102 degree radial. He provided Mexican authorities with GPS coordinates and a visual description of the aircraft including the registration number.

From the air, the search pilot described the aircraft had come to rest, upright, in an area of mountainous terrain on a heading of 180 degrees. He noted that the left wing was detached and lying in front of the aircraft and that the cabin door was open. He said there was no apparent damage to the fuselage and no signs of any possible occupants. Finally, he reported seeing evidence of what had been a small fire approximately 20 feet to the rear of the aircraft.

The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the government of Mexico. Any further information pertaining to this accident may be obtained from:

Direction General de Aeronautic Civil Secretaria de Comunications y Transportes Providencia No. 807 - 6 piso Colonia del Valle Codigo Postal 03100 Mexico, D.F. Mexico

Telephone: 687-76-60, 523-66-42 FAX: 533-34-19

This report is for information purposes only and contains only information obtained for or released by the government of Mexico.

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