On November 1, 1995, at 1515 UTC, one passenger was seriously injured onboard United Airlines flight 830, during a moderate turbulence encounter over the Pacific Ocean. The aircraft, a Boeing 747-122, N4714U, was operated by United Airlines, Inc., as a regularly scheduled non-stop international passenger flight from Tokyo, Japan, to Honolulu, Hawaii. The accident occurred in international airspace between latitudes 28 - 33 degrees north and at longitude 173 degrees west, while the aircraft was in cruise at flight level 350. The aircraft was not damaged. The remaining 279 passengers, 18 flight attendants, and flight deck crew of three were not injured. The flight originated from Narita Airport, Tokyo, Japan, at 1037 UTC and subsequently landed at Honolulu, Hawaii, at 1721 UTC.

Reports provided by the flight crew to the United Airlines Flight Safety Department stated that at the time of the accident the aircraft was in clear air. Convective activity associated with a front was visible in the distance ahead and on radar. The flight crew characterized the radar return as a solid yellow band across their flight course with an area of green return to the south. The flight crew elected to alter course to the south and follow a preceding Japan Airlines flight through the area of lighter returns. In response to a report of moderate turbulence from the preceding aircraft, the flight crew turned on the fasten seat belt sign about 1500 hours. Ten minutes later, because of turbulence, the cabin attendants were instructed to take their seats.

During the period that the flight attendants were seated and the flight was encountering light turbulence, a female passenger in the upper deck lounge left her seat to go to the lavatory. According to reports by the flight attendants and other passenger witnesses, the flight attendants called to the English-speaking, American passenger to remain seated, but she declined and continued to the lavatory. While returning to her seat, moderate turbulence was encountered and the passenger fell in the aisle. The passenger complained of pain in her right leg and flight attendants, assisted by the second officer, immobilized her leg prior to helping her to a nearby seat. Two medical doctors aboard the flight talked with the passenger and paramedic personnel met the flight in Honolulu. Subsequent examination revealed multiple fractures of the passenger's right leg.

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