On October 13, 1995, at 1445 eastern daylight time, a Pitts S-1S, N792, was substantially damaged while performing a forced landing at the Vansant Airport, Erwinna, Pennsylvania. The private pilot was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan had been filed for the local flight which was conducted under 14 CFR 91, and had departed from the Alexandria Airport, Pittstown, New Jersey, about 1430.

The pilot reported that, while in cruise flight at 2,500 feet, the engine oil pressure dropped to zero. He reduced the power to idle and established a straight-in approach to runway 25, at Vansant. As he neared the airport, another airplane pulled onto the runway for departure. The pilot reported that he side-stepped to the left side of the runway and continued with the landing. The landing area was rough, and the airplane bounced, after which it came to rest upside down, on the runway.

According to the Airport/Facility Directory, runway 25 had a turf surface, was 3,058 feet long, and 120 feet wide.

The pilot reported that the upper and lower wing tips of both wings were damaged, the bottom wing spar was fractured, and the landing gear had collapsed. The engine continued to rotate throughout the approach and landing, and no oil was visible on the outside of the airplane after the landing.

According to an FAA Airworthiness Inspector, no metal particles were found in the engine. A manual oil pressure gauge was installed to the oil pressure outlet on the accessory case. When the engine was rotated by the starter, 80 pounds of oil pressure registered on the gauge.

An FAA Operations Inspector reported that the area where the airplane touched down was useable for landing.

The pilot reported the following flight times:

Total Time 150 hours Total Tail Wheel Time 40 hours Pitts Time - Dual 10 hours Pitts Time - Solo 25 hours All Flying Last 12 Months 0 hours

Additionally, the pilot's last medical, a third class certificate, was issued on February 27, 1992, and his last biennial flight review occurred on January 25, 1993.

The pilot failed to complete the NTSB Form 6120.1/2. In addition, he did not return telephone messages.

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