On October 29, 1995, at 2100 mountain standard time, a Cessna 182TR, N7590R, made a forced landing in a parking lot near Boulder, Colorado. The private pilot received serious injuries and the three passengers were not injured. The aircraft sustained substantial damage. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for this local area flight operating under Title 14 CFR Part 91 and no flight plan was filed. The flight departed Boulder Municipal Airport (1V5) about 2000.

The aircraft sustained a total loss of power and the pilot landed the aircraft in a parking lot. The aircraft struck a light pole prior to touch down. The lot was unoccupied at the time of the accident.

An on scene investigation was conducted by an FAA airworthiness inspector. Examination of the aircraft provided no evidence of structure or system failure or malfunction and no evidence of fuel was found at the accident site. In addition, the people who recovered the aircraft said they found no evidence of fuel.

In an interview with the FAA, the pilot stated that the engine quit due to fuel exhaustion.

The operator said that the aircraft had returned from a cross country flight and had not been fueled prior to being rented to the pilot of the accident flight. The amount of fuel aboard at the time this flight departed could not be determined.

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