On September 1, 1995, at 1500 central daylight time, a Cessna 172N, N5798J, collided with trees during an aborted landing near Bonham, Texas. The private pilot and one passenger received minor injuries and the other passenger was not injured. The airplane sustained substantial damage. Centerline Aviation operated the airplane under Title 14 CFR Part 91. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the personal cross country flight and a flight plan was not filed.

The pilot reported that the flight had departed Addison, Texas, approximately 1420, en route to a farm near Bonham. During a low approach over the farm field, the pilot decided to abort the landing and go to Jones Field at Bonham. When the pilot "pushed in [the] throttle, plane sputtered then resumed power." On climb out, the airplane "sputtered again." From 80 to 90 feet above the ground, the airplane descended to 30 to 50 feet toward a barn and trees. With the airplane continuing the descent, the pilot banked the airplane to the left and missed the barn; however, the left wing struck trees and the airplane impacted the ground coming to rest nose down. Structural damage occurred to the firewall, right wing, and fuselage.

An engine test run (sheet enclosed) was conducted in the presence of the owner's representative and the FAA inspector. Throughout a range of power settings, no mechanical discrepancies were found.

The pilot reported a Fahrenheit temperature of 102 degrees, an altimeter setting of 30.00 inches, and the site elevation as 600 feet. Utilizing this data, the calculated density altitude exceeded 3,000 feet.

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