On September 10, 1995, at 1145 central daylight time, a Maule M- 5, N5669P, was substantially damaged during its initial takeoff roll when it collided with a Pitts, N79DG, who was landing on the same runway at Belvidere LTD Airport, Belvidere, Illinois. The Pitts was also substantially damaged. The pilot of the Maule reported no injuries and the passenger reported minor injuries. The pilot of the Pitts reported no injuries. The 14 CFR Part 91 flights operated in visual meteorological conditions without flight plans.

In a written statement, the pilot of the Maule reported that after performing a complete engine run-up and cockpit check, he taxied the airplane in preparation for takeoff. The pilot stated that he stopped the airplane on an area between the taxiway and runway 12 to check for landing traffic. The pilot stated that he saw several airplanes and decided to wait for two arrivals. After these airplanes landed and cleared the runway, the pilot taxied his airplane onto runway 9. The pilot stated that he had not seen any other additional traffic before positioning his airplane on the runway. The pilot applied full power for takeoff. At approximately 100 feet down the runway, N5669P was impacted by the Pitts, N79DG, which was landing on runway 09.

During a telephone interview, the pilot of the Maule stated that before each takeoff he normally performs several 360 degree turns in his tailwheel airplane as a precaution to check for traffic. But he had not this day. The pilot also stated that he did not hear the other airplane make a position call on the unicom frequency while it was on final approach.

The pilot of the Pitts reported that while en route to Belvidere, he requested the winds and active runway at Galt Airport, Greenwood, Illinois, to ensure that his radio was transmitting and receiving. The pilot stated that Galt responded clearly with the information.

The pilot of the Pitts stated that upon his arrival at Belvidere, he saw two other airplanes in the traffic pattern. One was on a left downwind for runway 09 and the other was in the pattern for runway 12. The pilot entered the pattern behind the traffic for runway 09 and made a radio transmission on Belvidere's unicom frequency announcing his position of downwind for runway 09. The pilot continued to follow his traffic and observed the traffic land as he was on a left base. The pilot made a position call on base. The pilot stated that he saw the second original traffic land on runway 12 as he turned the airplane onto final approach. The pilot stated he announced his final approach over the unicom and entered a left slip as he watched to make sure his traffic was clearing the runway. "As I began to transition, I heard a radio transmission indicating the aircraft was departing [runway] 09 at Belvidere. At that second, I felt impact," the pilot stated. The airplane rolled to the left and impacted the ground inverted.

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