On July 11, 1995, approximately 1030 Mountain daylight time (MDT), a Cessna A188B, N70062, received substantial damage in a landing overrun 6 miles north of Esterbrook, WY. The commercial pilot/owner of the single-seat agricultural aircraft was not injured. The flight was an agricultural aerial application flight conducted under 14 CFR 137 originating from Glendo, WY. A company visual flight rules flight plan had been filed for the flight. The nearest weather observation facility, Casper, WY, reported visual meterological conditions with calm winds.

The pilot stated to the FAA on-scene investigator that he landed on grass next to a dirt farm road. According to the pilot's accident report, the landing attempt was made on a heading of approximately 120 degrees magnetic and "basically into the wind." The pilot reported to the FAA investigator that his landing was long and fast, touching down approximately halfway down the available landing area. The FAA investigator assessed the available stopping distance from the actual touchdown point as approximately 600 feet. The pilot stated that he made a delayed decision to attempt a go-around, but before regaining flying speed, the airplane ran off the end of the intended landing area, struck an irrigation ditch where the airplane's right main gear was knocked off, and came to rest in a field.

Data in the airplane flight manual indicates that at 5,000 feet and 41 degrees Fahrenheit, a 2,300 pound airplane requires 559 feet to stop on dry grass with zero wind, 20 degrees of flaps and heavy braking. A 3,300 pound airplane requires 754 feet on dry grass under the same conditions. The flight manual does not list landing distances for elevations greater than 5,000 feet. Density altitude at Casper (elevation 5,348 above sea level, 57 nautical miles to the northwest), based on their surface observation at the time, was 7,532 feet. Terrain in the accident area, according to the Cheyenne sectional aeronautical chart, is generally about 5,500 feet above sea level.

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