On July 3, 1995, at 1730 eastern daylight time, a Piper J3C-65, N88631, was substantially damaged during a forced landing in North Benton, Ohio. The pilot was seriously injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan had been filed for the local test flight, which departed from a private airport in North Benton, about 1 minute earlier, and which was conducted under 14 CFR Part 91.

In the NTSB Accident Report, the pilot stated that after becoming airborne, and at an altitude of 30 to 40 feet above the ground:

...I then noticed an unusual engine sound, immediately I looked [at]...the fuel [quantity] indicator, took notice that carb heat was off, and my magnetos were ...(in the both position). The aircraft was still producing lift, I was up to 75 to 80 feet altitude, the RPMs then decreased very rapidly, the engine was barely running, and the lift was gone.

...I knew...that there was no available landing area in front of the plane...Accordingly, I eased the nose over to the right via yawing an effort to determine my proximity to a corn field. The corn field was unobtainable because a home with cars in the driveway was between the plane and the field. I then attempted to go left pushing the rudder around in an attempt to avoid the highway. I was at this point, falling out of control and this is the last thing that I remember.

A witness reported that he saw the airplane descending in a nose down, left banked attitude and did not hear the engine. The airplane impacted a road, and skidded about 20 feet into a ditch.

In a telephone interview, the FAA inspector reported that post-accident examination found fuel in the strainer, but not in the carburetor, and the fuel line was not blocked.

According to the pilot, The airplane had been outside of the hangar for 2 hours prior to the accident flight, and the temperature was 96 degrees F. He also reported that he did not believe the airplane had flown in the preceding 6 months, and added new fuel in the tanks.

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