On July 28, 1995, at 1950 Alaska daylight time, a wheel equipped Cessna 182 airplane, N2643F, registered to and operated by the pilot, struck a small wooden building used as a duck shack and crashed into an unoccupied, parked airplane while taking off from the Lower Kustatan Airstrip, located near Kenai, Alaska. The personal flight, operating under 14 CFR Part 91, was departing the accident site and the destination was Palmer, Alaska. A visual flight rules flight plan was filed and visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The commercial certificated pilot and the two passengers aboard were not injured. The takeoff airplane and the parked airplane were both substantially damaged and the duck shack received minor damage.

During a personal interview with the pilot on August 7, 1995, he stated that the normal takeoff area was softer than he expected and was covered with surface water. The actual condition of the airstrip was worse than what it appeared when observed from the air. The pilot walked the surrounding area to find another takeoff area. The strip he selected would cause his takeoff run to come close to a duck shack. He felt he had sufficient room to clear the duck shack.

During the personal interview conducted with the pilot, he drew a diagram indicating his takeoff direction as easterly and the wind from the south at 10 to 12 knots. He started his takeoff run and his left wing struck the duck shack. The airplane veered to the left and crashed into a parked airplane.

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