On June 18, 1995, at 0955 eastern daylight time, a Piper J3C-65, N7239H, struck an antenna, while maneuvering, in Yellow Springs, Ohio. The pilot received minor injuries, and the passenger received serious injuries. The airplane was substantially damaged. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan had been filed for the flight which was operated under 14 CFR Part 91.

The pilot was making an approach to an undesignated airport which was used by ultralights. In the NTSB Accident Report, he stated:

...Made approach to landing from north to south at Young's Airstrip - across & parallel to US 68 Hwy. Went around. Did a 180 degree turn executing another approach to landing from south to north. Told my friend Tom we would not land, but go back to Hammond's Airfield.

Climbed out, over all trees, still climbing then "Crash" - I could see a tower (part of a tower) hit the right wing abut 4' [feet] outboard. The impact lowered the right wing slightly, using full left aileron and full up elevator, full power, the airplane still slowing down progressively and banking right approx 10 - 15 degrees. Stall was imminent soon. Therefore, I cut the throttle completely, to slow impact speed, and aimed for the tree that was between 2 houses. To hit the tree, I had to use full right aileron and some down elevator just prior to impact. The aircraft impacted the tree approx 30-40 degrees right bank and 20-30 degrees nose down.

The FAA reported that the tower was about 110 feet high, and the impact occurred in the top 20 feet of the tower.

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