On June 13, 1995, approximately 1510 central daylight time, a Bellanca 260C, N1299R, was substantially damaged during a forced landing after a loss of engine power near Fort Stockton, Texas. The private pilot sustained minor injuries. The airplane, owned and operated by the pilot, was being operated under Title 14 CFR Part 91 when the accident occurred. The personal cross country flight originated at Fort Stockton Municipal Airport at 1500 and was en route to Monahans, Texas. A flight plan was not filed and visual meteorological conditions prevailed.

The pilot reported that, after departing Fort Stockton, and climbing through 1,000 feet above ground level, he switched from the right main tank to the right wing auxiliary tank and engaged the electric fuel boost pump. He further stated that he did not "hear the pump nor see the fuel flow needle advance." The pilot then switched to the left main fuel tank and "the engine bogged down." After initiating a descent, he continued to attempt to "obtain fuel flow" with the boost pump and switched back to the right main fuel tank. Subsequently, the engine "stopped" and the pilot executed a forced landing. Upon landing, the airplane's left wing was structurally damaged.

On scene examination of fuel system components revealed a 5-tank system; 2 main wing tanks, 2 wing auxiliary tanks (interconnected), and 1 fuselage auxiliary tank. According to manufacturer's specifications, the fuel capacity for each main wing tanks is 19 gallons, of which 15.5 gallons is usable. Wing auxiliary tank capacity is 17 gallons, of which 15 gallons is usable. A Federal Aviation Administration inspector found approximately 12 gallons of fuel in the right main wing tank, 4 gallons in the left main wing tank, and 2 gallons in the right wing auxiliary tank. Both the left wing auxiliary tank and the fuselage auxiliary tank were observed to be empty. Additionally, the electric fuel boost pump operated normally on a ground test after the accident.

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