On May 27, 1995, about 1541 eastern daylight time, a Robinson, R- 22A, helicopter, N8541E, collided with the terrain at the Essex County Airport (CDW), Fairfield, New Jersey. The student pilot was not injured. The helicopter was substantially damaged. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan had been filed. The local, solo, instructional flight was being conducted under 14 CFR Part 91.

The student pilot had been practicing hovering and landings in the grass area to the west of runway 04. The pilot said that she was in the area for about 40 minutes and had conducted numerous landings and take offs from the grass. She further stated that she had landed the helicopter and was firmly on the ground when she removed her hand from the throttle and collective, because her hand had become fatigued. Her next recollection was that the helicopter was off the ground, approximately 1 to 2 feet. She did not recall what happened next, except that she was on the ground and had exited the helicopter. The pilot stated that she did not have any mechanical difficulty with the helicopter.

The helicopter came to rest on it's right side. The white blade was found approximately 240 feet south of the main wreckage, disconnected from the hub and lying on the east side of runway 04. The other blade with the mast and the pylon was found approximately 100 feet south of the main wreckage. Examination of the helicopter and engine did not reveal any discrepancies.

The student pilot's total flight time at the time of the accident was 68.7 hours, of which 55.7 hours were in this make and model helicopter, including 5 hours of solo time. The pilot received her solo endorsement on April 28, 1995.

The CDW weather, reported at 1045, was; 5000 feet scattered, visibility 15 miles, wind 360 degrees at 5 knots, temperature 75 degrees F, dew point 47 degrees F, altimeter 30.22 inches Hg.

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