On May 16, 1995, about 1900 eastern daylight time, a Highcraft Buccaneer II, an unregistered, experimental, homebuilt airplane, struck the ground in Millstone, Township, New Jersey. The airplane was destroyed, and the non-certificated pilot was fatally injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed, and no flight plan was filed for the personal flight which departed the Pearl Acres Airport, Millstone, about 1855, and was conducted under 14 CFR Part 91.

A witness who spoke to the pilot prior to departure, and observed the takeoff reported, "...I saw and heard the initial takeoff run and all looked normal...." The airplane then disappeared from view, and a crash was heard by the witness's son.

According to the FAA, the airplane impacted in a nose down attitude. Fuel was found in the fuel tank, fuel line, and carburetor. Flight control continuity was verified.

Examination of the #1 cylinder on the engine revealed, "...scoring on cylinder walls above the intake and exhaust ports...", and "...piston scored on the side up through the piston rings...."

The pilot, who had owned the airplane for 2 years, had not registered it with the FAA. Additionally, he did not posses an FAA Airman Pilot Certificate, nor an FAA Airman Medical Certificate. The FAA reported that they estimated his total flight time as 65-70 hours, all in the Buccaneer II.

The pilot based the airplane at the Pearl Acres airport, which was approximately 1000 feet north of the accident site.

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