On May 23, 1995, at 0810 central daylight time, a Gates Learjet 35A, N450MC, was substantially damaged during a runway overrun near Rogers, Arkansas. The airline transport rated pilot, the commercial pilot acting as copilot, and their five passengers were not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the executive transport flight.

The airplane, owned by Mclane Company Inc., of Temple, Texas, and operated by Wal-Mart Stores Inc., was on an IFR flight plan from the Rogers Municipal Airport (ROG), Rogers, Arkansas, to the Toluca International Airport (MMTO), in Mexico.

According to the pilot's enclosed statement, "around 10-15 knots before V1 (136 knots), I felt a large vibration along with a bang." The takeoff was aborted with maximum braking and full reverse.

The airplane overran the departure end of the 6,011 foot runway. The undercarriage collapsed as the airplane crossed a one foot deep drainage ditch approximately 200 feet beyond the departure end of Runway 19.

The airplane came to rest approximately 1,200 feet from the departure end of the runway on a heading of 345 degrees. Several fragments of the failed right outboard tire were found near the midfield point of the runway.

The pilot reported that the right main gear tire "blew out." Tire debris was found on the runway. The failed tire was retained for further examination and testing. No evidence of pre-impact mechanical failure, improper servicing, or malfunction was found.

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