On May 31, 1995, at 1100 eastern daylight time, a Knoll-Bensen B-80 gyroplane, N12JK, operated by the registered owner/builder, sustained substantial damage when it touched down abruptly at the Flying "M" Aerodrome, in Germansville, Pennsylvania. The certificated private pilot, the sole occupant, was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a flight plan was not filed. The local flight was conducted under 14 CFR 91, originated from Germansville, Pennsylvania, about 1030.

The pilot reported that he had planned to practice takeoffs and landings in the traffic pattern. He stated that he completed one takeoff successfully, but during landing "...the flare-out was to high... ." The pilot reported that the gyroplane touched down hard resulting in the main rotor striking the tail and the ground. The pilot stated that there was no mechanical malfunction and that the accident could have been prevented if he had judged the aircraft's altitude better during the flare.

According to an FAA Aviation Safety Inspector, the pilot reported that he had not flown the gyroplane for quite a while, and during the landing the gyroplane touched down hard and, "flipped on its side." The aircraft was examined after the accident at the accident site and there was no evidence of mechanical malfunction.

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