On May 22, 1995, about 0920 Alaska daylight time, a tundra tire equipped Piper PA-18-160 airplane, N91248, crashed during takeoff at the Hope airstrip, Hope, Alaska. The airplane was being operated as a visual flight rules (VFR) local area personal flight when the accident occurred. The airplane, registered to and operated by the pilot, received substantial damage. The certificated airline transport pilot, the sole occupant, was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed.

The pilot reported that he was departing runway 34 after a series of touch-and-go landings. He stated that soon after takeoff, the airplane drifted to the left. The left wingtip contacted alder trees at 30-50 feet above ground level. The pilot maneuvered to avoid striking other trees, and reduced the power to idle as the aircraft contacted the ground. When the airplane contacted the ground, the right landing gear collapsed and the prop and right wingtip struck the ground. The airplane travelled about 60 feet along the ground and stopped with the nose heading east. The pilot stated that he believed he encountered a downdraft from the east during takeoff.

Maintenance personnel reported that the airplane received rib damage to the right wing. The pilot indicated that the wind conditions were two to five knots from the north.

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