On April 7, 1995, about 1745 Atlantic standard time, a Hawker HS125, N41953, registered to Jetcraft Corporation, operating as a 14 CFR Part 91 corporate flight, experienced a hard landing at the Herrera International Airport, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a VFR flight plan was filed. The airplane sustained substantial damage. The commercial-rated pilot, commercial-rated copilot and four passengers were not injured. The flight originated from Las Americas International Airport, 10 minutes before the accident.

A pilot-rated passenger stated the airplane was about 25 to 50 feet above the runway, when the pilot retarded the throttles. The airplane descended and landed hard.

The investigation is under the jurisdiction of the government of the Dominican Republic. Any further information pertaining to this accident may be obtained from:

Director General de Aeronautica Civil 9no Piso Av. 27 de Febrero Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Telephone: 809-221-7909

This report is for informational purposes only and contains only information obtained for and released by the Government of the Dominican Republic.

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