On April 27, 1995, at 0800 mountain standard time, a Thunder & Colt, Colt 180A balloon, N738TC, tipped over during a high-wind landing near Tucson, Arizona. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time. The balloon was not damaged. The commercial pilot and five of the six passengers were not injured. The sixth passenger was seriously injured. The fare-paying passengers boarded the balloon for the aerial sightseeing flight from near Tucson, Arizona, around 0700.

The pilot reported that he realized the basket might tip over upon landing, so he informed his passengers to prepare themselves for a high-wind landing in accordance with his previously issued directions. The ten-passenger-capacity balloon was compartmentalized, and all of the passengers appeared to respond appropriately for the landing.

Just before touchdown, the pilot ripped out the balloon top in order to conclude the flight. The pilot also stated that the basket touched down smoothly in a very large field. However, after touchdown it tipped over because the wind at ground level was blowing at 7 knots.

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