On April 22, 1995, at 1530 hours Pacific daylight time, a Ryan Aeronautical ST-3-KR (PT22), N214D, owned and operated by the pilot, collided with the terrain near Apple Valley, California, while on a local pleasure flight. The aircraft was destroyed and the pilot received fatal injuries. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time.

According to a pilot witness on the ground, the aircraft was at an altitude between 400 to 500 feet above ground flying in a westerly direction. He noticed the aircraft nose down to build up airspeed, then start a climb at a 30-degree nose-up attitude. The aircraft proceeded to roll to the left, but the airspeed was too slow. The aircraft stalled while inverted and crashed nose first into the ground. The engine was still running when the roll was initiated.

Another witness stated he knew the pilot and, when the aircraft was passing over his house at a slow airspeed, the pilot stuck out his right arm from the cockpit and rocked the wings. A few seconds later the aircraft began to climb, but he did not hear an increase in engine power. The left wing dropped rapidly and the aircraft rolled inverted into the ground. He stated that the engine was running the entire time.

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