On April 6, 1995, at 0915 mountain daylight time, a Lewis KR-2 (amateur built) airplane, N49TF, received substantial damage during an aborted takeoff on runway 8 (4,502' x 75' dry/asphalt), at Ogallala, Nebraska. The private pilot reported no injuries. The personal 14 CFR Part 91 flight was being operated in visual meteorological conditions. No flight plan was on file. The local flight was on the initial takeoff at the time of the accident.

This was the first flight of this amateur built airplane. The pilot stated that the airplane became airborne and was sensitive in pitch and roll. He said that after several oscillations he realized that continued flight was not possible due to a power loss whereafter the airplane landed hard on the runway.

A post accident examination of the airplane revealed that the carburetor was mounted upside down and that manipulation of the cockpit mixture control failed to position the carburetor mixture control arm due to cable flex and a complete ground power check was not possible.

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