On Sunday, March 26, 1995, at 0845 eastern standard time, a Piper PA-28-140, N6131W, collided with a fence during an aborted landing on runway 6 at the Ocean City Airport near Ocean City, New Jersey. The pilot received minor injuries and the passenger was seriously injured. The airplane was substantially damaged. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and no flight plan was filed. The personal flight departed Pittstown, New Jersey, about 0800, with an intended destination of Ocean City. The flight was conducted under 14 CFR Part 91.

The pilot reported that the airplane was configured for landing and during the landing flare the airplane encountered a wind gust and rolled to the right. The pilot stated that he thought the landing gear contacted the runway but he lost "runway alignment" and decided to go around. He reported that he applied full power but the airplane did not gain sufficient airspeed and altitude to clear condominiums in its flight path. He stated he decided to make an off airport landing in an area adjacent to the condominium. The pilot stated that he landed the airplane and during the landing roll the airplane collided with a fence. The pilot reported that there were no airplane mechanical malfunctions moments prior to the accident or during the accident sequence.

A witness to the accident stated, "I observed the left wing go up and the right wing scrape the runway. He applied full power for a go around. The aircraft was at stalling speed and he flew into the chain link fence that surrounds the condo." The witness estimated the winds were "...blowing at 17 knots...almost a direct crosswind." He reported that several airplanes had landed earlier without difficulty.

Another witness stated, "Pilot flared to land - at touchdown w/nose still in air a strong wind gust picked A/C up and with L[eft] wing high pilot added full power...[the aircraft] continued to wallow nose high [and] L + R bank - below controllable airspeed...A/C touched down the sandy area 100 [feet] prior to impact w/ a main gear tire...for about 15 [feet] - skipped 30 [feet] then touched again for another 15 [feet] - up again for 30 [feet] than hit cyclone fence...."

Postaccident examination of the accident site revealed marks on the right side of runway 06 about 820 feet from the approach end. The airplane came to rest about 900 feet from the approach end of runway 06 and 315 feet to the right of the runway's centerline. The airplane's wings and fuselage were substantially damaged.

A surface weather observation made at 0852, at the Atlantic City International Airport, in Atlantic City, New Jersey (12 nautical miles north-northeast of the accident site) reported:

Ceiling measured 11,000 broken, 20,000 broken; 12 miles visibility; temperature 48; dew point 19; wind 310 at 16 knots, with gusts to 21 knots; altimeter 30.06.

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