On March 20, 1995, about 1345 central standard time, a Piper PA-60, N163GA, overran the runway end, colliding with a concrete wall and trees, during a visual approach to the Perry County Airport, Linden, Tennessee. The airplane was operated by Grand Aire Express under the provisions of 14 CFR Part 135, and visual flight rules. An instrument flight rules (IFR) flight plan had been activated for the non-scheduled, domestic, cargo flight. There were minor injuries to the commercial pilot, and the airplane was substantially damaged. Origination of the flight was Richmond, Kentucky, about 1200, on the same day.

According to the pilot, the flight was dispatched by Grand Aire Express on a flight from Standiford Airport, in Louisville, Kentucky to Madison, Kentucky, continuing on to Perry County Airport, Linden, Tennessee. The flight departed Standiford and arrived in Louisville without event. After landing in Madison (I39), the pilot telephoned Grand Aire Express and checked the weather for the next leg of the flight. The pilot filed an IFR flight plan, and completed two weight and balance forms, as required by his company, and departed for Perry County. Upon arriving at Perry County, the pilot had the airport, three miles, in sight, and cancelled IFR.

A witness, the driver who was to pickup the airplane's cargo, stated that there were very gusty winds when the flight arrived at Linden. He reported that the pilot attempted to land twice, and executed a go-around each time. The pilot stated that he landed about halfway down the 3600 foot runway, and that there were no mechanical malfunctions with the airplane. The aircraft overran the runway, and collided with a cement wall and trees.

An FAA inspector reported that skid marks, from hard braking, were found on the runway, beginning about 1200 feet from the departure threshold. According to the Nashville Automated Flight Service Station, at the time of the accident, there was light rain, and the wind was 230 degrees at 15 knots with gusts to 23 knots.

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