On March 29, 1995, about 1700 Alaska standard time, a wheel equipped Cessna 170A, N1364D, collided with a snow bank during a go-around at Goose Bay Airport, about 8 miles northwest of Anchorage, Alaska. The airplane was being operated as a visual flight rules (VFR) local area instructional flight when the accident occurred. The airplane, registered to and operated by the pilot, received substantial damage. The pilot, holder of a student pilot certificate and the sole occupant, was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The flight originated at the Lake Hood Strip, Anchorage, Alaska, about 1527.

The pilot reported that he was performing solo touch and go landings on runway 25. During the ninth landing approach, he flared too high and the airplane ballooned upward. The pilot added engine power to extend the landing touchdown. He then decided to go-around and added full power. The airplane veered to the left and collided with a snow bank along the left edge of the runway. The airplane received damage to the right landing gear and right wing.

The pilot indicated that his total aeronautical experience consisted of 56 hours. He had accrued 40.3 hours in the accident aircraft make and model, with 4.3 hours as pilot-in-command (solo).

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