On February 19, 1995, at 1030 Pacific standard time, a Cessna T210F, N6186R, operated by the pilot, landed on the pilot's dirt airstrip near Phalen, California. The pilot informed the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) coordinator that during rollout the left brake failed to properly function. The pilot lost control of the airplane and it veered off the runway to the right, collided with a berm, and nosed over. The airplane was substantially damaged, and the commercial pilot, the sole occupant, was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the personal flight. The flight originated from Apple Valley, California, on the day of the accident at 1000 as a personal flight to the airstrip.

In a telephone interview, the pilot reported that while taxiing for departure at Apple Valley he noticed that the left brake was not working correctly. The brake held during run-up and the pilot elected to continue the flight to his airstrip where he had tools and brake fluid to examine the problem. During the landing on the 2,600-foot-long airstrip runway, the left brake did not work at all and the pilot was unable to maintain directional control.

The Apple Valley airport has several fixed-base operators who offer aircraft repair services.

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