On February 15, 1995, at 1430 Pacific standard time, the pilot of a Hiller UH-12E, N5335V, with a Saloy conversion, experienced a malfunction with the transmission and crashed near Arvin, California. The aircraft was substantially damaged and the pilot was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions existed at the time for the aerial application flight, which was conducted under 14 CFR Part 137 of the Federal Aviation Regulations. The aircraft is operated by San Joaquin Helicopters of Delano, California.

The pilot stated he had completed two passes and was beginning a third pass when the transmission seized. He was unable to gain altitude to reach the edge of the field. The forward motion of the aircraft had stopped and the helicopter descended into some trees. The aircraft sustained damage to the main rotor blades and to the tail rotor blades. The tail boom was bent in half and the left landing skid collapsed.

The operator reported the transmission had seized and there was a crack noticed in the transmission case. It was reported afterwards that the oil supply nozzle atop the transmission was plugged, preventing lubrication.

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