On February 3, 1995, at 0900 Pacific standard time, a Bellanca Citabria 7GCBC, N8643V, crashed on takeoff near San Martin, California. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time with the winds calm. The aircraft, owned and operated by the pilot, was substantially damaged. The pilot received minor injuries. The aircraft departed from the South County Airport in San Martin with a destination of Merced, California.

According to the sheriff's report, the pilot landed at Hoover landing strip (closed dirt airstrip) shortly after departure from the South County Airport, for the purpose of securing some articles on the back seat. After securing the items, the pilot attempted a downhill takeoff in a westerly direction with no wind. With 1,500 feet of runway remaining, the aircraft wing clipped a small bush which pulled the aircraft to the right. The pilot could not attain flying speed and the aircraft bounced several times before the landing gear collapsed. The aircraft came to rest in a gully north of the airstrip. The pilot reported no mechanical problems to the sheriff.

The sheriff observed the throttle hand control to be 1/2 open. The carburetor heat control was closed/cold. The flap handle was in the up position. The electric master switch was off. The mixture control was found full lean. The left wing fuel tank was full, and the right wing fuel tank was empty.

The pilot did not submit an aircraft accident report.

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