On February 25, 1995, at 1224 mountain standard time, a Cessna 180J, N9900N, was substantially damaged during landing at West Texas Airport, El Paso, Texas. The airline transport rated pilot and his pilot rated passenger were not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the local personal flight.

The pilot reported in his written report and during an interview conducted by a Federal Aviation Administration inspector that during his second landing on runway 08 the aircraft began to "veer to the right despite rudder corrections." In an attempt to abort the landing he "added full power;" however, he "pulled the power off when it veered off the runway." Both main landing gears were separated, the fire wall buckled, and the fuselage damaged. The wind was from 140 degrees at 5 knots.

An examination of the aircraft revealed no anomalies that could have contributed to the accident sequence.

During the interview the pilot revealed that he was demonstrating the aircraft to another pilot, for the owners, and that he was landing for the second time in a "normal no flap condition."

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