On February 27, 1995, at 0805 central standard time, a Fairchild SA227-AC, N369AE, experienced a flight control malfunction while landing at the Robert Mueller Airport, near Austin, Texas. The airplane sustained no damage and was operated by Conquest Airlines of Austin, Texas, under an IFR flight plan as Conquest Flight 220. The airline transport rated pilot, the first officer, and their 11 passengers were uninjured. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed for the 14 CFR Part 135 flight.

According to the operator, the crew reported that during the landing flare on runway 13R, they heard a popping sound followed by the rudder pedal deflecting to the stop while they cross- controlled to maintain runway alignment. Control was maintained and a normal landing completed. The airplane taxied to the gate without further incident.

Post flight inspection of the airplane revealed that the rudder cable (part number 27-70001-071) for the left rudder had severed due to improper routing during the scheduled replacement of the control cables (A.D. 87-02-02). Company quality control personnel determined that the cable was routed outside the upper aft cable guide. The chaffing against the structure of the aircraft resulted in failure of the cable assembly. The cable had accumulated 435.9 hours since installation.

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