On January 14, 1995, at 1256 central standard time, N9734K, a Stinson 108-2, was substantially damaged during a forced landing after takeoff at Roanoke, Texas. The commercial pilot and airline transport rated pilot-passenger were seriously injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed.

The following is based on the pilot/operator report. During the preflight, ten gallons of fuel were added to the left wing tank, and the fuel sumps and gascolator were drained. The right wing tank indicated 1/4 capacity. After taking off on runway 35 and climbing about 250-300 feet, the engine lost power and "the prop quit rotating." The pilot attempted to make a forced landing but in the process, the right wing tip contacted the ground and the airplane cartwheeled. Witnesses corroborated the pilot's account.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration inspector who went to the accident site, when the pilot made the right turn towards the open field adjacent to the runway, the wind became a 15 to 20 knot quartering tailwind. At a later date, the inspector partially disassembled the engine but could not find any reason why the engine lost power.

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