On January 15, 1995, at 1515 central standard time (CST), a Cessna 172, N75585, registered to Phoenix Aviation of Kansas City, Missouri, and piloted by a student pilot, was substantially damaged when it collided with the runway 19 VASI light boxes and the ground during the initial phase of a go-around at the Kansas City Downtown Airport, Kansas City, Missouri. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The 14 CFR Part 91 flight was not operating on a flight plan. The pilot reported no injuries.

According to the pilot's statement, he "approached [the] runway at 60 IAS that is five knots below [the] recommended speed." He said he "...made an improper flare and bounced once on the main gear... ." The pilot said he applied elevator back pressure to avoid a second bounce. A result of this action, according to the pilot, was a stalled left wing. The airplane touched down on its left main landing gear tire followed by its nosewheel tire. At this point the pilot said he gave the engine full power with the intent of going around. Shortly after the airplane became airborne, its nosewheel struck a VASI light box and its left wingtip struck a second VASI light box. After striking the VASI light boxes, the airplane collided with the ground and cartwheeled to the left.

A review of the pilot's logbook revealed several dual instructional and solo entries that had "Touch & Go and Emergencies" in the remark's section. The pilot's instructor was asked what type of landing emergencies the student had been taught. He stated the student received instruction in go-arounds and recovery from bad landings.

The pilot's last 90 day solo endorsement according to 14 CFR Part 61.87 was on December 27, 1994. The logbook showed the pilot's last dual instruction in takeoffs and landings was on November 3, 1994. The entry shows "Takeoffs & landing's emergency night... ." The pilot's last flight before the accident flight was on January 8, 1995.

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