On January 20, 1995, at 1033 Alaska standard time, a wheel equipped Piper, PA-32-300 airplane, N4480X, registered to Village Aviation, INC., and operated by Camai Air of Bethel, Alaska, nosed over during an attempted takeoff at the Akiak Airport, Akiak, Alaska. The scheduled air taxi flight, operating under 14 CFR Part 135 as flight No. 167, was departing Akiak, and the destination was Bethel. A company flight plan was in effect and visual meteorological conditions prevailed for Class G airspace. The commercial certificated pilot and his five passengers were not injured and the airplane received substantial damage.

The pilot wrote in his statement to the NTSB that the airplane became airborne about 80 MPH, and then settled back on the runway. The airplane became airborne again, but the pilot noticed that the airplane was not accelerating. He said he reduced the pitch attitude, but the airplane would not climb or accelerate. The airspeed began to decrease, as did flight control effectiveness. He stated he realized ground impact was imminent, and he lowered flaps to cushion the landing. The airplane landed in the runway overrun area, and nosed over. The pilot wrote: "Although engine analysis by the NTSB is not complete, I feel this to be the cause of the accident. All parameters of the takeoff appeared normal except after lifting off the runway the airplane did accelerate as expected..."

Examination of the engine showed no external mechanical failure of the engine or its accessories. The engine was test run at Seair, Incorporated. The start-up and warm-up were normal. The engine was accelerated, and after 20 minutes of operation, the engine began to run rough. A magneto check during the engine run showed that a problem existed with the left magneto or left magneto spark plugs. Further examination showed that one spark plug would not fire consistently, and when it would fire, the spark was very weak.

According to Camai Air, the pilot tested negative for evidence of illegal drug use.

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