On January 4, 1995, at 1015 Alaska standard time, a wheel equipped Cessna 207 airplane, N73467, registered to and operated by Arctic Circle Air Service of Fairbanks, Alaska, slid off the side of the runway at Akiak, Alaska, during the landing roll out.

The positioning flight, operating under 14 CFR Part 91, departed Bethel, Alaska, and the destination was Akiak. A visual flight rules flight plan was in effect and visual meteorological conditions prevailed. The Airline Transport Certificated Pilot, the sole occupant, was not injured and the airplane received substantial damage.

According to Arctic Circle Air Service's Director of Operations, the runways were covered with ice and because the temperature had warmed to 40 degrees fahrenheit, the runway surfaces were very slippery. The pilot reported that prior to landing, he called the Kenai Flight Service Station (FSS) on the radio and requested any local, notice to airman (NOTAM), concerning the condition of the runway at Akiak. No notices had been filed. The pilot selected runway 03 and performed a short field landing. When the pilot applied the brakes, no braking action was noted. To avoid running off the end of the runway, the pilot maneuvered the airplane into the ramp area at the right side of the runway. The nose wheel and left main landing gear dug into soft snow. The airplane received damage to the left wing and nose gear.

The airport/facilities directory indicated in part: "Akiak runway 03/21 is unattended. The runway condition is not monitored. A visual inspection is recommended prior to using the runway. The apron edges are soft." The operator indicated that the airport has a contract maintenance person who is responsible for keeping the airport in a safe condition. If runway conditions are not safe, the maintenance person should issue a local airport NOTAM for distribution to the users of the airport.

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