On December 6, 1994, about 0820 eastern standard time, N523RB, an Israel Aircraft Westwind 1123 ran off the runway in Caracas, Venezuela, after landing, while on a maintenance test flight. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and a local flight plan was filed. The airplane was substantially damaged and the crew of two reported no injuries. The flight had originated about 20 minutes earlier.

The airplane landing gear and brake systems had undergone maintenance by a local repair facility. The crew stated that on landing roll the left brake failed and reverser and rudder could not keep the airplane aligned with the runway. After departing the right side of the runway the nose gear failed and the airplane came to rest in a ditch.

This report is filed for information purposes only and contains only that information released by or obtained for the Director General Civil Aviation, Venezuela. For additional information contact:

Director General Civil Aviation Attn: Captain Andres Lopez Ruiz Oficina De Inspectoria Aeronautica Parque Central Torre Este, Piso 34 Caracas, Venezuela, 1010 Telephone: 011-582-509-2456

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