On December 22, 1994, at 1730 central standard time, a Piper PA- 32-260, N7JD, piloted by the owner/operator, collided with terrain while on an instrument approach to Runway 6 at Fort Dodge, Iowa. The airplane sustained substantial damage. The instrument rated private pilot and the three passengers on board the airplane reported minor injuries. Instrument meteorological conditions prevailed for the flight, which operated on an IFR flight plan. The pleasure flight operated under 14 CFR Part 91, and originated from Lansing, Illinois, approximately 1400, with an intended destination of Carroll, Iowa.

The pilot stated the preflight weather briefing included a destination airport weather observation of 500 foot ceiling and 2 miles visibility, with conditions forecast to improve. Upon arrival at Carroll, Iowa, the airport fixed base operator estimated the weather conditions to be about minimums for the approach (600 foot ceiling, 1 mile visibility). The pilot performed an NDB approach to the Carroll Airport and did not see the ground at the missed approach point. He executed the published missed approach procedure, and notified Air Traffic Control (ATC) he wanted to attempt a precision approach to Fort Dodge, Iowa, approximately 42 miles northeast. The pilot stated the flight between Carroll and Fort Dodge "...was a bit hurried as the only about 15 minutes. Before I could remove the approach plate and I was already flying the (DME) arc....We made the turn onto the localizer and for some reason I felt that I was above the glidescope and past the final approach fix when I made the turn. I started down....The next thing I remember was hitting the ground."

The airplane collided with terrain about 6 miles from the end of the runway. The pilot stated there was no preimpact mechanical malfunction.

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