On December 28, 1994, about 1517 central standard time, a Mooney M20K, N3983H, sustained substantial damage in a precautionary landing at the Crystal Airport, Minneapolis, Minnesota, when it departed the end of runway 23R, and struck the airport perimeter fence. Neither the commercial pilot, nor the single passenger aboard the airplane were injured. The flight had just departed the Crystal Airport with an intended destination of Rockford, Illinois. An IFR flight plan was filed, and visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time.

The pilot stated that at an altitude of approximately 200 feet agl, after takeoff, the engine started running rough and an "significant loss of power" occurred. The pilot declared and emergency and was cleared to land on runway 23R. The pilot was later cleared to land on any runway. The pilot stated he, "Did not fully realize all runway[s] were available." He set up for a landing on runway 23R. He stated he was not set up properly, being too close, but decided to land anyway. The airplane touched down long on the runway, traveled off the end and contacted an airport perimeter fence.

A post accident engine test run was conducted. The engine ran up to 2700 rpm without interruption. The only anomaly noted on the was that the #6 cylinder exhaust pipe had separated near the mounting flange.

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