On December 27, 1994, at 1000 eastern standard time, N93042, a Cessna 152, crashed during landing on runway 29 at Bay Bridge Airport, Stevensville, Maryland. The student pilot received minor injuries while the airplane sustained substantial damage. The airplane was being operated under 14 CFR 91. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and a flight plan was not filed.

The student pilot reported that she was going to practice touch and go landings. She stated that she completed her preflight inspection and run-up successfully. The pilot stated that she touched down on the main wheels about 1/3 down the runway, and as she lowered the nosewheel onto the runway the airplane veered sharply to the right. She stated that she tried to correct by applying full left rudder, but was unsuccessful. The airplane exited the runway, collided with a ditch and nosed over.

A Federal Aviation Administration Safety Inspector reported that he examined the airplane at the accident site, and noted that the steering linkages on the nosegear had separated. The pilot reported that the accident could have been prevented if regular checks could me made to the landing gear as the aircraft is flown frequently by student pilots.

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