On November 11, 1994, at 0930 central standard time, a Robinson R-22, N888CG, was substantially damaged when it rolled over while landing, near Johnson City, Texas. The solo student pilot was not injured. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the solo personal flight.

The helicopter departed from the Austin Executive Airpark, in Austin, Texas, at approximately 0900 central daylight time. The pilot stated that he flew to the Byram Ranch where he intended to land next to a utility trailer. He further stated that during his approach, he hovered near the trailer, turned into the wind, and commenced to land on the runway. A ranch worker stated that he observed the right rear portion of the skids catch on the trailer, and then saw the helicopter roll over to the right, striking the ground with the turning main rotor blades.

During an interview by a Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) inspector, the ranch worker stated that he observed the trailer "rolling" near the helicopter as it was landing and attempted to signal the pilot of the hazard.

According to the pilot's endorsed statement, he has a valid student endorsement for solo flight in the R-22.

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