On October 27, 1994, at 1945 central daylight time, a Bellanca 14-13-2, N86781, was substantially damaged during landing near Midlothian, Texas. The private pilot in command and the student pilot sustained serious injuries. There was no flight plan filed and dark night visual meteorological conditions prevailed for the personal flight.

In the pilot/operator report, the pilot in command stated that "about 1 1/4 miles from the end of the runway...an observation was made that we were low, power was applied for climb and at that moment we felt engagement with the top cable of the power lines." "The aircraft then rolled to the left and struck the ground in a nose down, left wing tip attitude and came to rest approximately 180 degrees from [the] original direction of travel."

The student pilot corroborated the pilot in command's statement in his pilot operator report. Both pilots also stated that the student pilot was at the controls at the time of the accident.

Toxicological tests performed on both the pilot in command and the student pilot detected positive levels of cannabinoids in the urine. The FAA regional flight surgeon was consulted regarding the drug related impairment. He was unable to make a determination. Both pilots' medical certificates were expired and the pilot in command did not have a current biennial flight review.

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