On October 18, 1994, at 1630 central daylight time (cdt), a Henry Bouley Venture M-20, N62V, registered to Questair, Incorporated, of Waukegan, Illinois, and piloted by a private pilot, was substantially damaged during landing. The airplane departed the east edge of runway 16 (5,137' X 100', dry concrete) at the Palwaukee Airport, Wheeling, Illinois, shortly after landing. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time of the accident. The pilot reported no injuries. The flight originated from Waukegan, Illinois, at 1600 cdt.

During an interview the pilot stated he had made a crosswind landing and had touched down on the upwind main landing gear tire. He said the downwind main landing gear tire touched down followed shortly by the nose wheel. He said the airplane veered to the left very rapidly once the nose gear tire touched down. After departing the runway, N62V rolled onto soft sod for about 200 feet. The airplane, according to the pilot, cartwheeled to the left after its left main landing gear tire sank into the soft sod.

The on-scene investigation revealed that the nose landing gear steering and braking are accomplished by hydraulic pressure. The nose landing gear had an internal centering device that was released when pressure was placed upon the strut during landing. The airplane is equipped with toe brakes. Application of brake pedal when using the rudder, with the nose landing gear centered, will apply hydraulic pressure to the nose wheel steering. When the nose wheel centering device is disengaged the nose wheel will move in the direction of the applied hydraulic pressure.

When the rudder pedal is moved forward, with the ball of the foot at or above the pedal's hinge point, the top of the pedal rotated forward. A male size 11 shoe will cause this to happen when the heel of the foot is resting on the airplane's cockpit floor. The amount of forward pedal movement regulates the amount of hydraulic pressure applied to the steering system.

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